Are we set for rise in council tax?

THE last instalments for last year’s council tax have been paid and we await this year’s demands.

About this time last year, the Dispatch published a Letter of mine which stated how delighted I was that my council tax had not gone up and could we all look forward to the same happening again.

Strangely, none of our elected officials answered at that time to assure us that they would follow the government’s recommendation by not increasing council tax.

Worryingly, we read of consultations. In other words, we are going to, regardless of what you want.

I would suggest that all of us do not want any rises in tax, especially as we are experiencing rises in our outgoings from many other sources.

Can we be assured that our elected officials are doing all they possibly can to ensure we do not experience any rises in council tax? Perhaps they could lead by example and reduce their expenses or perhaps pay more into their pensions.


Minster Close, Hucknall.