Arson attacks have become the ‘norm’ in part of Hucknall

AFTER reading the article in last week’s Dispatch about the arson attack on Salterford Road, Hucknall, I wasn’t the least bit surprised.

I live on Ruffs Drive and that sort of thing is a regular occurrence, it’s almost become ‘normal’. The waste bin on the corner of Lawton Crescent was set on fire one week, the hedge on the opposite side on the corner of Godber Road and Ruffs Drive a few weeks later and then the hedge on the other side of Godber Road was set alight a few weeks after that.

I never saw any police (apart from one car at the time of each incident) and as far as anyone knows, the criminal scum that did each crime is still walking the streets of Hucknall, free as a bird.

In the meantime, while various hedges are being torched by the local animals, there have been two stabbings, a cars vandalised and a fence kicked down.

Another house has suffered a vandal attack, building and car windows have been smashed, garage doors kicked in and a second car inside a garage damaged.

I believe no effort was made by the police to make the place secure, even though it was clear the owners were away, leaving it to neighbours to make the building secure.

Then, when the owners returned, they told the police that plant pots had been thrown onto their garage roof by the criminals. Clearly these pots would have had fingerprints on but the police did not come to get the pots which were left, untouched, up on the roof. Weeks later they sent one officer for half an hour to make some apologies.

Crime has become a way of life in Hucknall, most of it unreported to the police.


Ruffs Drive, Hucknall.