Ashfield’s trees lacked Christmas spirit

WHILE reading last week’s edition of the Dispatch, I came across a Letter from Ann Day (‘Glittering Glory Of Linby Village’).

She thanked Gedling Borough Council for the fantastic Christmas tree and decorations that adorned Linby over Christmas.

I work away from home and spend a lot of time going from town to town and city to city all over the UK and Ireland.

I came home on December 21 last year and drove through Hucknall on my way to Kirkby-in-Ashfield where I live.

As I went through the town centre of Hucknall, I could see on the Market Place the Christmas tree, with its uneven and gaudy lights, which looked as if they had just been thrown over the tree with the smallest amount of consideration to how the tree should look.

It got worse as I got home to Kirkby where the Christmas tree that was by the Nag’s Head pub looked like it was an after-thought of the one in Hucknall! The lights did not even go the whole way round the tree. A donkey’s hind leg is more even!

I drove through Linby on Christmas Eve, and I agree with Ann Day that its tree was a breath of fresh air and fully in tune with the Christmas spirit.

So it’s a big well-done to Gedling Council, which must have a caring thought for Christmas.

And a big ‘BAHHHH HUMMMMMBUG’ for Ashfield District Council, which should have its name changed to EBENEZER Ashfield.



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