Bad fall has failed to spur council into action

I OFTEN wonder what has to happen to spur the council into action.

Does someone need to break a bone or even a hip, which could possibly lead to a disability, before repairs are carried out?

Can I tell you a true tale that happened on Friday October 14 during the hours of darkness and was an example of council inactivity.

My step-daughter–in–law, Ruth, and a kind, well-known, elderly gentleman named Derek were making their way home (as they live near each other and have been friends for many years) along Titchfield Street in Hucknall.

Because he could not see the pavement edge properly, Derek tripped and fell heavily on to the floor, frightening and shocking Ruth. Luckily, he was not badly hurt. Only a grazed hand and knee.

The reason he could not see was down to the lack of street lighting caused by two adjacent lamp-post lights not working.

Ruth contacted Ashfield District Council the next day. In turn, Ashfield transferred her to Notts County Council without delay (very efficient).

The county council is responsible for maintenance and Ruth was assured by helpful staff that the problem was now safely in its hands and would be dealt with without delay. She was also thanked for bringing this problem to its attention.

As of today, we have still not had the repairs carried out and the situation at present can only be likened to walking a tightrope along an unlit section of road.

Please can we have action. Let’s hope it does not take as long as the other repairs on Titchfield Street.


Washdyke Lane,