Barking dogs offer a worse level of noise pollution

I READ with interest the letter in last week’s Dispatch from Mr Flaked Out (‘The Plague Of Noise That Is The Evening Ice-Cream Van’) and I totally sympathise with him.

I would, however, swap his noise problem with ours.

Recently, several residents in our neighbourhood seem to have had a sudden desire to keep dogs. Very noisy dogs.

Although I don’t personally own a dog, I am a dog lover and have no problems with them and I do understand that dogs bark.

I do, however, feel that owners have a duty of care towards their neighbours, in that they should consider that constant noise is not acceptable.

When one dog starts barking, it sets the other dogs off barking.

It can start as early as 5 am. Then they bark on and off most of the day and evening up to 11.30 am. When their owners are at work all day, they can still be heard, even though some dogs are left indoors.

As I am a pensioner, and at home a great deal of the time, I find it very annoying and irritating to have to hear this dreadful noise. Surely there is something that can be done to prevent this noise pollution so we can live in our homes peacefully?

I hope the dog owners in question will spare a thought for those trying to get some sleep and peace and quiet.



(Name and address supplied).