Bat attack could have been avoided

WHILE feeling very sorry for the lady who was attacked with a baseball bat on Montague Road, Hucknall, I find it maddening that the whole incident could have been avoided.

Time and again, Hucknall National Primary School asks all parents not to use this road for dropping off or collecting children.

It sends letters home, it texts parents, it mentions it at every meeting and the request is also in the school handbook.

It is not just an idle request. There are these good reasons:

n IT makes the road unsafe for our children walking to school;

n IT is a pain for the residents;

n AND IT causes road rage and can result (at extreme times) in incidents like the above.

The nearby George Street Club kindly allows people to park there, and it is then a very short walk to the school.

Why can’t people use this facility?

I hear parents all the time telling their children for various things that “it wouldn’t have happened if you did what you were told”.

The same parents need to take their own advice and do as they have been asked by the school.

Stop using Montague Road for the school run!

Is that clear enough?!



(Name and address supplied).