Bid to stop Wigwam houses is mistake

IT is about time someone told the Warriors what the outcome may be if they keep on at the developers and try to get village-green status for the Wigwam Lane playing fields in Hucknall (last week’s Dispatch: ‘Last-Ditch Fight To Save Wigwam From Housing’).

Firstly, the council will have to pay the builder back millions of pounds in losses and compensation for selling them the land in the first place, which the people of Ashfield will end up paying for in the long run with excessive council-tax bills etc.

The children will miss out on a new school and football pitches along with the new pavilions the builders are putting back into the community.

The site will be left as it is, not turfed and green like it used to be. It will be an eyesore and will attract trail bikers.

Do all the residents want to listen to two-stroke engines all night and through the weekend as they tear around the site?

Papplewick house-prices will drop because of this, as well as house-prices in Hucknall. People will lose their jobs because of it, which affects families.

These ‘do-gooders’ don’t realise what they are doing and some of us are getting really fed up with this.

Vera Malcolm and others campaigning against development should perhaps put their efforts into good causes, such as hospices and hospitals, instead of interfering in things that will make Hucknall better.

Please publish this, as it is about time we had a say.



(Name and address supplied).