‘Big Issue’ seller is back where she belongs

IN a follow-up to my Letter which you kindly printed last month (‘Stance By Wilko’s Is Too Heavy-Handed’) that focused on Maria, the ‘Big Issue’ seller, who had been asked to move away from her Wilkinson’s store location on Central Walk in Hucknall after selling there for more than three years.

I can report that I have received a very polite response from the Wilkinson customer services department confirming that the company’s head of retail has arranged for Maria to be invited back.

I saw Maria on Friday, happily selling the ‘Big Issue’ outside Wilko’s with the biggest smile on her face. She said she was thrilled to be back and my faith in Wilkinson’s community policies has been restored.

This is a great example of good business sense from a fine retailer that has invested heavily in the Hucknall High Street in recent years. I’ll be happily shopping at Wilko’s again in future!


Long Hill Rise,