Bin men should return to the ways of the 1960s

I GREW up in the 1960s in rural North Nottinghamshire when the bin men came once a week, came up the path to collect the bin and always banged the bottom to make sure it was empty.

My parents always showed their appreciation of their efforts at Christmas with an envelope stuck to the bin lid with monies in it for them.

Now we have to take the bin to our boundary, ensuring only the correct type of rubbish is in it, and woe betide if we get the wrong rubbish in the wrong bin.

Over Christmas, everyone accumulates more recyclable rubbish.

This we bagged up and, on the day of collection, placed the bag at the side of the bin as it was full. Guess what? Yep, they left it.

As it is recyclable, does it not have resaleable value to the council?

I think it does, yet the person who is collecting doesn’t seem to realise or care.

I know they are only supposed to take the rubbish in the bin, but it’s not as if we are expecting them to collect extra rubbish all the time.

Do I leave a Christmas present out for the bin men? No. Why? Because they do nothing to warrant one.

Would I, if they took the occasional extra bag of rubbish, picked up the rubbish that has blown out of other bins, and looked for the bin that hasn’t been pulled down to the path? Yes.


Nottingham Road,