Bobby’s fur could take two years to grow back

AFTER being on holiday, I would like to say a huge thankyou for the response regarding my little doggy and his haircut at Ann’s Dog Parlour in Hucknall.

Friends, family and even strangers have contacted me via phone, Facebook and mail, supporting my complaint and telling me of other known cases.

It’s pretty shocking to read about some of these cases.

I couldn’t help but laugh, though, at the supporting Letters for Ann’s Dog Parlour, which have been sent to the Dispatch.

By all means, if my dog was supposed to have been cut short or short-haired, then there never would have been a problem. The whole scenario to this is that nothing was done which was asked.

Bobby is a very loved and spoilt, happy, little boy, and vicious comments regarding the RSPCA are absolutely appalling.

Bobby is only one and has already visited another grooming parlour, Woof Cuts, twice. I was more than happy. They knew the breed was thick and long-furred and took nearly two hours each time.

Bobby is a Chinese crested puff ball, and Woof Cuts were appalled at the state he was in after visiting Ann’s Dog Parlour.

When fur becomes knotty, once it’s cut down to the knot, it can be pulled apart and combed with conditioner. This takes time and effort but he was at Ann’s for just 50 minutes.

He also returned with a cut to his ear, unevenly shaved, pure raw-skin patches all over him, unclipped claws and not one hair left on his tail!

Bobby was also so scared that he chewed straight through his harness while waiting in the cage.

The whole point of my disgust is that Ann was told all about Bobby and his knots, and that I wanted him doing like a Shih Tzu, so that his body fur would be short and tidy.

We’ve researched Chinese crested puff balls and it could now take nearly TWO YEARS for Bobby’s fur to grow properly.

He’s still our beautiful Bobby and is loved even more. I just don’t want the same thing happening again.



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