Boost flagging market by having three a week

THE obvious answer to save Hucknall Market is to increase it from one to two or three days a week (last week’s Dispatch: ‘Internet Shopping And Superstores A Threat To Market’).

One only has to look at Bulwell’s thrice-weekly market to see what a boost this would bring.

Bulwell’s town centre is a vibrant mix of shops, many local businesses as well as national chains, whereas Hucknall is suffering death by charity shops.

Having the market three times a week would change this. Footfall would increase, shoppers would be drawn in and would no doubt use the new local shops that would sweep in to replace the empty units along the High Street.

However, we are told by Coun Chris Baron (Lab), a Hucknall member of Ashfield District Council, that a covenant restricts the market to one day a week. So Hucknall must continue to stagnate?

But wait, wasn’t there a supposedly unbreakable covenant, cast in stone, preserving the Wigwam Lane playing fields in the town for recreational use by the people of Hucknall?

Somehow this mighty edict sworn in the depths of time, by the ancient guardians of Hucknall and enshrined in law, was broken, and the land turned over to developers.

So surely when Hucknall is crying out for the oxygen of commerce, our brave councillors should sweep aside these barriers and bring back prosperity to this town?



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