Boots queues show decline in standards

WHEN we moved here 27 years ago, one of the nicest shops in Hucknall was Boots The Chemist on High Street.

In fact, if I remember correctly, one of the assistants was nominated for an award.

But oh my, how things have changed!

A recent experience at the store had me at the head of a queue for nearly ten minutes, with apparently one member of staff serving. In fact, two people walked out in disgust.

My enquiry as to whether another member of staff could serve me (and, by now, the other five people behind me) was met with a curt “No!”

As Boots is a local firm, I would expect any local store to be a flagship for them. But presumably, the upper elite of management prefer to hide in their ivory towers and don’t care about the lovely customers who put money in the tills.

As a shop-owner myself, I am usually a very patient, tolerant shopper. But not when I’m in Hucknall Boots, should I ever frequent this branch again!


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