Bus re-launch is cynical ploy to drive competitors off the road

I WISH to bring to the attention of all residents of Hucknall who have cause to use the local buses to Trent Barton’s cynical behaviour regarding the service it provides for linking Hucknall town centre and Nottingham city centre with the outlying parts of the town.

When the service to the main tram station was first set up, we had both the Red and Blue Connect routes, running along with a rival company that subsequently went out of business.

What followed was Trent Barton showing its true colours, with no regard for the fare-paying public. With its competitors out of business, it halved the service and axed the Blue route.

Then Premiere Travel began running the Red8 service around Hucknall and Nottingham, which was very good, alongside Trent Barton.

What happens? Surprise, surprise, Trent Barton re-launches the Blue route. Why, you may ask.

Does Trent Barton honestly think we are all that stupid? Not only is the company treating us with contempt, its decision is also an insult to our intelligence.

All I can see is a cynical ploy to drive the Premiere Red8 off the route and then revert to type. Within a respectable time-frame, our Blue Connect bus service will again disappear until the next competitors arrive on the scene.

We have seen it before, so I would advise you to give your business and support to Premiere, which will ensure a regular bus-service in the future.



(Name and address