Byron’s reputation and his links to Hucknall are dubious

I CONCUR wholeheartedly with Martin Gill (last week’s ‘Your Opinions’) about the name of the new business centre at the former Beardall Street School building in Hucknall (‘Name Of Business Centre Should Reflect History Of Beardall Buildings’).

Why does only one name come to mind when something new is opened in Hucknall and who has decided it will be called the Byron Business Centre?

Perhaps Hucknall’s town-centre manager, Mark Armstrong, could shed some light on this question.

I was at that school from 1955 to 1959 and can never remember having a lesson to do with Byron. If we did, it was not very memorable, was it?

My reasons why I agree with Mr Gill are:-

1 Byron was born in London. (Not Hucknall)

2 Byron was educated in Aberdeen and other places. (Not Hucknall)

3 Byron lived in Southwell. (Not Hucknall)

4 Byron’s estate was at Annesley. (Not Hucknall)

5 Byron died in Greece, even before the school was built. (Not Hucknall)

The only connection that I can find with Hucknall is that Byron is buried in the parish church — and even that was in doubt for a number of years if I remember rightly.

By all accounts, Byron wasn’t even a decent man, being described in some quarters as being “mad, bad and dangeous to know”, NOT someone to use as a role model for our children.

Mr Gill suggests Beardall Business Centre, which I also think appropriate. May I also suggest Eric Coates Business Centre. Coates was, after all, born a stone’s throw from the school. Or is he not famous enough?


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