Can you solve my holiday memory problem?

ONCE again, the holiday time of year is upon us, and I need a bit of advice.

I was sitting in one of Hucknall`s fine establishments which sells intoxicating liquids. Together with others, I was partaking in the drinking of said intoxicating liquids.

The conversation led to my problem. It seems that no matter how much planning I do or lists i write, when I arrive at my holiday resort, I have left something behind that is vital to my enjoyment.

One of our party told us of his method. He places upon his bed a ‘man’ for each day of his holiday — ie: T-shirt, shorts, socks, etc. It struck me at the time that he either has a very long bed or short holidays.

I do not think this system would work for my family and I was wondering if any Dispatch readers could offer me some advice.


Washdyke Lane, Hucknall.