Care home was making a loss — thanks to Labour policies

LAST week’s Letter to the Dispatch from Coun Chris Baron (Lab), of Hucknall, regarding residential homes (‘Scandalous Sale Of Care Home By Councillors Who Don’t Care’) revealed little except his readiness to denigrate anyone in his quest to regain a place on Notts County Council.

His allegation that Coun Mick Murphy (Con) and I “don’t care” about our care services is insulting and untrue.

The decision to transfer Jubilee Court, of Hucknall, and five other care homes to Runwood Homes, a reputable long-term provider of care, ensures these homes will remain open. Each will benefit from an additional £500,000 of investment.

These homes were previously running at a loss and everyone in Nottinghamshire was subsidising them through their council tax. This transfer enables the council to release an extra £900,000 each year to spend on other critical care services.

Coun Baron implies that these homes will survive for only three years. This is a red herring and typical of Labour’s scaremongering tactics.

He obviously doesn’t listen to Andy Whitaker’s show on BBC Radio Nottingham, where a spokesman for Runwood Homes gave a “cast-iron guarantee” that these facilities would continue to run as care homes for the long term and that staff and residents would be protected. Safeguards have been put in place as part of the transfer.

If Chris wants to be political, the irony is that it was his Labour administration which left three of the county’s residential care homes in such poor condition that they had to be closed, against our wishes.

The policies of his administration and the last Labour government left me, as Cabinet member for adult social care, with scarce resources and little option but to find new ways of delivering care to our growing elderly population.

At this year’s county council budget meeting, the Labour group refused to put forward an alternative to our proposals, which says it all.

They snipe from the sidelines and seek to spread as much alarm and misinformation as they possibly can.

But it was Labour who left this country with a care crisis after 13 years in government and they cannot or dare not tell you how they would tackle it.


of Hucknall,

Cabinet member for adult

social care and health,

Notts County