Cash machine left me £10 out of pocket and I can’t get my money back

I would like to let all readers know of my problem with the cash machine in Wilkinsons.

On a recent Sunday morning I requested £50 cash from this machine and was only given £40.The money was distributed thus - a £10 note, a £20 note and then another £10 note, not the £20 that I was expecting.

I immediately made staff aware of this shortfall and they took my details.I was told the ATM would be checked on the Tuesday and that they would contact me on the telephone number that I gave them.

However, I was not contacted, so I called into Wilkinsons after work on the Tuesday. Although the staff that saw me then were unaware of the problem, they went off to check the ATM records.

I was told that the machine was correct and was not over by the £10 that I did not receive. I have now contacted my bank about this matter as £50 was taken from my account but only £40 given to me.

I will not be using a cash machine in future as I know I did not receive the money I asked for. Something is wrong here and its me that is missing my £10.


(Name and address supplied).