Catchment areas will save services before we are swamped by housing

I READ the letter in the Dispatch from ‘Housing Objectors’ with interst regarding the difficulty in booking a dental appointment.

Perhaps we can start a process by encouraging doctors, dentists and local schools to implement a policy of a catchment area. By doing so they will only accept those who pay council tax to Ashfield and not any other council, thereby protecting what local services we already have.

Do any of our elected officials have the stomach to take this on board?

My greatest fear is that a great deal of people will put their trust in the democratic system, only to find out that democracy doesn’t really exist. How many of us remember Wigwam?

The Gedling housing plan is probably a done deal already. With this in mind, let us turn the whole process on its head.

Could all those officials who profess their opposition to the housing plans make their excuses now as to why, despite all their efforts, planning permission was still granted?

With this vital information to hand, now we may be able to use it to stop this potential nightmare happening.


Minster Close,