Christmas tree was no joke this year

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WE WERE unfortunately unable to attend the Christmas Carnival in Hucknall this year as we had a family celebration meal at a local hostelry, which I will not name.

The meal was disappointing and the amount of time between the first course being finished and the main course being served was almost an hour. Some members of the party had quite a distance to travel so you can imagine we were all disappointed and in need of a good laugh. To this end someone suggested we go to see Hucknall’s Christmas tree (pictured).

We couldn’t believe our eyes when we saw a lovely bushy tree which was nicely decorated and had pretty coloured lights which had been carefully distributed evenly over it.

Usually the tree has sparse foliage, stands at a jaunty angle and looks like the lights have been thrown at it. I guess pressure was put on Ashfield Council to provide a decent tree.

Congratulations to the Rotary Club, Round Table and everyone who is involved in the organisation of the carnival and lights, which looked lovely.

Happy New Year.


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