Closure of day centre is causing havoc

HOW true what Judith Storey had to say in the Dispatch two weeks ago about the closure of the Spring Street Day Centre in Hucknall for adults with learning difficulties.

This centre was opened three years ago after the people who use it spent more than ten years in a work unit on Washdyke Lane, waiting for somewhere that was decent for them to go.

Now they have a decent place, which is Spring Street and which they love, they are being turfed out and told to go to Willow Woods at Sutton or get no service at all.

They have included old age pensioners and physically disabled people, as well as people with learning difficulties, in this day centre at Sutton, so how long will it be before people who have mental-health problems are sent there also?

My son, who goes to Spring Street Day Centre, says he is not going to Willow Woods and as I have a problem getting him to go out of the house, I can foresee that he will be at home for the three days a week he normally spends at Spring Street.

Still, that will make Notts County Council very happy because it will not have to pay anything to provide services for him if he stays at home.

As for the transport that is provided at a cost of £5 per day, that is paid for by the people using it. The only way the county council pays is if the person using it is assessed as being on such a low income that he or she gets subsidised. Also, there is a charge for using the day services as well. At the moment, that stands at £20 per week or £5 per day.

This change is causing havoc and the problems it has caused for the parents and carers of the people involved are unbelievable. We just don’t know which way to turn, trying to calm down the situation with our charges who are worried to death about what is going to happen to them.

Our people are very vulnerable and are easily manipulated by others and because they don’t stand up for themselves, they become bullied.

Maybe if one of these councillors who are proposing all these changes had to care for one of our people, they would realise we are not being awkward but speaking the truth when we say these things.

One more thing to remember: a society is judged on its treatment of the ones who cannot care for themselves.




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