Come on Mr Flaked Out. There are bigger concerns

DEAR Mr Flaked Out (‘The Plague Of Noise That Is The Evening Ice-Cream Van’, last week’s Have Your Say).

I cannot believe that something as harmless as this can cause you to think it would stop shift workers sleeping or have an impact getting kids to sleep. There is more noise from kids playing out on summer evenings and loud music from people enjoying themselves in their garden on these few warm summer evenings.

My grand-daughter and her friends are eagerly waiting with their money as the ice-cream van gets nearer. But maybe it is an age thing, even though I am a gran myself. The ice-cream van siren, come on Mr Flaked Out, surely there are worse things to complain about than this.

I remember in my day the ice-cream van coming late afternoon, no point coming earlier as kids are at school. One ice-cream van used to come just Saturday and Sunday evenings and how we looked forward to that one.

He didn’t have music, he just used to beep his horn really loud for a few minutes on every street.

I never thought I would see a time when anyone would moan about the ice-cream van.

I hope he still continues to come and is not put off by your negative comments. The ice-cream visit is a treat and I am sure a few bursts of his music for a few hours each night is not a major problem.

It is only at its loudest when he is on your street, only played for a few minutes once he has stopped to sell his ices. It is silent apart from voices of happy, excited kids. Then all you can hear is it blending into the background.

I may be wrong, but does the ice-cream man’s music really upset people in the era of people constantly shouting into mobile phones, cars driving round with music at full blast? There are many more I could name.

But the ice-cream van, come now Mr Flaked Out. No, this cannot be.


St Mary’s Way,