Conservatives are specialists at power without mandate

LISTENING to government minister Francis Maude and other Conservative MPs on the walkout by public-sector workers, is it such a crime that public-sector pensions may well be better than some private-sector pensions?

Whatever the balance, this is just an attempt by the Tories to put one element of society against another. They are trying to decimate support by splitting the ballot results into who voted for action and who didn’t vote at all, using the turnout figures.

I am sure everyone who was entitled to vote was given the right to vote. Tory legislation saw to that. You cannot force members to pull their ballot forms from behind their clocks to fill them in.

Of course, the Conservatives are specialists on this subject. They are in power without the mandate of the country. But I am sure that come the next General Election, they will be given the boot by the authority of the country.

The bosses’ union, the CBI, is getting rattled about the walkout. As part of the payback for its financial support during the Election, it is saying “we must have a higher turnout to make the ballot result legal”. It is demanding a 40% turnout. If that’s the case, can we backdate this and get out this unelected shower who prostitute democracy with contempt?

Of course, the other issue that always comes to the fore is the NHS. Now the Royal College of Nursing (RCN) is predicting that the Tory-led Coalition reforms will see thousands of nursing positions go.

Of course, the RCN has got this wrong. The Con-Dem response is we are putting more money into the NHS than the previous government. I this is true, then it’s a case, I think, of fattening the sacred cow for market.


Kenbrook Road, Hucknall.