Corporate greed not helping need to save water

WELL, here we are, not yet in the fullness of spring but come April 5, a lot of areas will be on a hosepipe ban.

Since time began, the things that came later, such as oil, gas and even coal, we managed without. But one thing that was necessary to all, and still is, is water.

It weaves its way through rivers, streams, estuaries and canals like the planet’s lifeblood.

Every effort should be made to preserve what we get. It’s as vital as the air that we breathe. In one word, it’s priceless.

One of life’s biggest crimes has to have been the sell-off of the water companies. The emphasis changed from the country’s need to corporate greed.

Thousands of new homes are being called for. Which one will get the last drop of water? Surely this is one of the many things to take into account.

They say you can’t predict nature. What does global warming mean? More rain?

We are also being told that street lights will be switched off to save power. Hoses off to save water too. Will this reflect in the charges? What do you think?

A spokesman from Thames Water was interviewed on ‘Newsnight’. Its profits were £250 million last year.

When the spokesman was questioned about spending to fix leaks and to invest in water capture, the response was all about dividends and shareholders. I think that speaks for itself.

What needs to be done is to ensure that whatever profits are made should be spent on maintaining the supply to meet need.


Kenbrook Road,