Council chief out of touch

APPARENTLY Nottinghamshire’s most senior public servant, the chief executive of Notts County Council, Mick Burrows, states that he has the authority to increase his deputy’s salary by more than £35,000 per year.

I do not accept the excuse that the individual now has extra responsibilities and therefore deserves such a large increase.

How out of touch he is, not only with the residents of our county but also, more importantly, with his staff.

More than 2,000 jobs have gone at County Hall in recent years and there’s more to come. Where will this end?

Taking into account pension etc, Mick Burrows gets paid more than £220,000 per year, and now the average salary of his ‘senior management team’ is in excess of £170,000 each.

It appears we might have our own bankers’ scandal going on at Notts County Council — and the Conservative politicians who can do something about it are doing nothing.


of Hucknall,

Ashfield District Council.