Council peppering town with roundabout monstrosities

MINI-roundabouts are inherently dangerous because they leave motorists to decide when it is safe to proceed, whereas traffic lights direct the motorists.

There is added danger when they are inserted into straight roads, whereupon it is possible for motorists not to recognise them for what they are, especially when it is dark.

They do assist cars to join a main route from a minor route but traffic is continually slowed on the main route, even when there are no cars on the minor route.

Lastly, they are impossible for large lorries to negotiate and in many cases, the lorries are simply driven over the middle.

In view of all this, I wonder why Notts County Council is doing its best to pepper the locality with such monstrosities. Soon Hucknall will be encircled and the corresponding difficulties for delivery lorries will provide a huge incentive for supermarkets and developers to build an out-of-town retail park. This makes a mockery of the town masterplan.

An innocuous small circle on the latest draft proposal for an inner bypass indicates that one of these roundabouts is to be placed at the junction of the new road with Annesley Road and Baker Street. How absurd and how remiss that no artistic impression of the modified High Street ever shows the two way traffic on Baker Street.

The claim that the new road will improve traffic flow through the town cannot be justified. I am certain it will be a lot worse.

With a mini-roundabout at one end and a set of lights at the other, which is the centre set of three, this road will be a nightmare for motorists.

The current road layout is far better for traffic.

Neither should it be forgotten that all residents travelling on foot from the Linby Road direction would have to cross this road, in order to reach the pedestrianised area, whereas currently they do not.



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