Council-tax rise shows cynical contempt for voters’ views

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WHAT a nice surprise to read in last week’s Dispatch that Hucknall and Ashfield’s council tax is to remain the same.

I am grateful to our elected officials for doing the right thing. Thank you.

However, I read with concern that our Bulwell readers are being subjected to a 3.4% rise.

Do they realise that if their council (Nottingham City) had raised the council tax by more than 3.5%, then they would have had to hold a referendum to ask if the voters felt that this was justified.

What a cynical contempt of people’s views by raising the tax just below the threshold for a referendum. Let’s hope that our Bulwell readers consider this at their local council elections.

Consider local issues, not national or party issues, and treat those councillors with the same contempt as they showed you.


Minster Close, Hucknall.