Council wasn’t invited to bus-naming event for hero soldier

In response to the item featured in last week’s ‘Your Opinions’ page entitled ‘Shame On Ashfield District Council For Snubbing Local Hero At Bus-Naming Ceremony’, I offer the following points.

The council did not receive any notification of this event, nor was any invitation made via the civic office or via any of the councillors personally.

There has also been no response to the council’s enquiries regarding the event from Trent Barton.

The headline claiming that the council snubbed the event is therefore inaccurate.

Hucknall councillors have been involved in previous events in memory of Lance-Corporal Paul Sandford (pictured) and would have been most keen to attend the naming ceremony.

I would remind Dispatch readers that anyone wishing to invite the chairman of the council or councillors to their events should make arrangements via the council’s civic office on 01623 457002.


Chief Executive,

Ashfield District Council.