Councillor at heart of swift action over vegetation problems

SOME years ago in the 1950s, I used to visit a friend who lived near the post office at Beauvale in Hucknall, accessed via a footpath at the top of Garden Road. This path is now split in two by the bypass.

In March of this year, I moved to this area.

Going by this path on a visit to Hucknall in early July, at a time when pupils were on their way to school — mothers with toddlers and infants in pushchairs — I found the path very overgrown and one had to tread carefully to avoid getting clothing snagged. It didn’t help as there had been heavy rain the previous night.

I made enquiries of Ashfield Homes to ask who was responsible for the upkeep. They didn’t have information. Knowing Notts County Council had taken over responsibility of roads, I duly called highways. They had no idea either.

I decided to call local councillor, Jim Grundy (Lab), a Hucknall member of Ashfield District Council.

He informed me that he would make enquiries on our behalf. He also arranged to visit my home when I mentioned there was a problem with overgrown trees and vegetation at the back of fencing which extended down from bungalows on Abotts Walk to Beauvale Court. Other issues I raised included youths climbing fencing, a near neighbour having ‘inherited’ a very tall conifer which was outside his bedroom window, and street signage which needed updating. There was also the problem of a street light near to bungalows which had not worked for some weeks.

Coun Grundy used his contacts and we were duly visited by Peter Curry from Ashfield Homes and John Della, the president of the Allotment Association, who brought a colleague. Mr Della informed us that the trees would be dealt with this year. In the meantime the pathway had been cleared just before the school holidays.

About six weeks ago the vegetation and trees on the allotment land were indeed cut back as arranged by Mr Della. The conifer was dealt with, street light sorted, signage part dealt with.

On behalf of my near neighbours we would like to extend our thanks to all those involved, especially Coun Grundy for acting so positively and swiftly.



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