Councillors should listen clearly to the will of the electorate

ONCE again we had to hear the tHoughts of Coun Jim Grundy, a Hucknall Labour member of Ashfield District Council, in the Have Your Say section of last week’s Dispatch (‘There Are Many Reasons To Object To Housing Plans — Migration Is Not One).

Does he ever stop to think that most people in our town do not want any houses built anywhere around Hucknall whatsoever.

We know what problems this would cause with the infrastructure. He states that “all Hucknall’s councillors (Labour) have given their views, which will be included in the council’s response to Gedling”.

He states they are “their” views, not the views of the people of Hucknall.

When will our councillors realise that we, the electorate, voted them in to look after our interests? I am not interested in their views, only what they do for us in the community.

So, Coun Grundy, ask what we want, and not what you want! I therefore whole-hEartedly agree with Housing Objector from Linby.

It was also stated in last week’s edition of the Dispatch by Mark Spencer, Hucknall’s Conservative MP, that the closure of the town’s ambulance station “could be positive”.

I am positive that this closure WILL put people’s lives at risk. Do the people of Hucknall agree with him? Once again it’s “their thoughts”, not our thoughts. When are our elected representatives going to do what WE want?

I was criticised by other Labour councillors before the last election and told that I thought more of disSolving the Human Rights Act and withdrawing from Europe.

Well, a lot has happened in the last year. Now 70% of the country agree that we should leave Europe, and a big percentage agree that the Human Rights issue should be amended.

That is the view of THE rest of the country, not solely the UK Independence Party (UKIP). Only UKIP had the courage to stand up all those months ago and say what people wanted. Now, more than half of Parliament agree.



member of UKIP.