Councils should step in to help revive Town FC

I READ with great sadness in last week’s Dispatch that Hucknall Town Football Club are once again struggling.

The club have given our town some great sporting moments. I remember going to the Villa Park ground for the final of the FA Trophy in 2005 and seeing how the success of the team brought the community together.

Living in Lichfield at the time, I took great pride in explaining to the locals how Hucknall was the centre of sporting excellence, scientific discovery (the Flying Bedstead) and culture (Byron).

Taking a bus load of Lichfieldites to see my home town’s football club play in a cup final was one-upmanship at its best.

Given that Notts County Council donated £900,000 to the Notts County Cricket Club for a scoreboard, surely there is some support they can provide to assist grassroots sport in situations like this.

The economic development resources of the county and Ashfield should be deployed to assist the football club to establish a new business model, secure business development grants and help establish a sustainable future for a local business and community hub.

I would encourage everyone in and from Hucknall to support the club this Christmas by attending games and social functions at the Talk of The Town.

NEIL CLUROW, Hucknall,

(Address supplied).