Councils shouldn’t fear looking to the past

I READ with interest in last week’s Dispatch the snippet that Notts County Council has reverted to the old system for making important decisions (‘Council Returns To Old System’).

All too often new ideas are no better, or even worse, than old ones and yet people who point this out are accused of being unsympathetic to change, backward looking, or simply ‘sticks in the mud’.

Even when new ideas are proven to be ineffective, it is all too easy to try to correct the situation by applying further amendments, so that no-one loses face.

I applaud the county council for making the decision to revert to the old ways instead of trying to bodge an idea that has not proven to be successful.

I was also most heartened that one of the Nottingham city councillors wrote a letter (‘Gardeners Cannot Be Allowed To Scupper Jobs And New Investment’) in the same edition, in an attempt to communicate with certain members of the public.

Admittedly, this is a very special case but the appearance of the letter supports my recent suggestion that councils might adopt a more effective approach to communication with the public via a regular newspaper forum.



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