Criticism of council ‘bonus’ undermines dedicated staff

AS a rule, whenever Coun Zadrozny (Lib Dem) speaks, I tend to switch off.

But after reading his hysterical (in every sense) reaction to the decision by Ashfield District Council to give its lowest paid employees £250 (last week’s Dispatch: ‘Santa Council Slammed Over ‘Bonus’ To Low-Paid Staff’), the first extra pay they will have received in nearly three years, I’ll make an exception.

You could be forgiven for thinking that he had confused council workers with fat-cat bankers. But no, he chose to portray a modest additional payment in lieu of any pay rise as a ‘bonus’ akin to those given to City financiers.

I think the people who work for the council do a fantastic job and I’ll illustrate that using just one example.

Earlier this month I was contacted by the parent of a child who had slipped and banged their head on the footbridge over the bypass in Hucknall. Notts County Council hadn’t gritted it but the lads at Ashfield didn’t shake their heads and explain that it wasn’t their job, they just went out and sorted it.

You see, they cared, and then followed it up by installing a grit bin next to the bridge.

Instead of praising those who have maintained such high standards, some get a kick out of demonising them. No wonder some people are so cynical about those who get involved in politics. Shame on you, councillor.

Some of the staff working in the council’s reception, in front of which councillors Gail Turner (Ind) and Zadrozny were pictured with ‘money bags’, are currently paid all of 10p above the minimum wage. I think those councillors owe the staff an apology, don’t you?


Hucknall West,

Ashfield Council.