Criticism of Trent Barton is out of order

I WISH to reply to the Letter in ‘Your Opinions’ from G.F. regarding the Trent Barton Connect bus-service in Hucknall (‘Bus Re-Launch Is Cynical Ploy To Drive Competitiors Off The Road’).

If the time ever came when the Connect bus-service was to cease running, you would be the first to moan, G.F.

Trent Barton has listened to the people of Hucknall and resumed with the Blue bus-service. There will probably be hiccups because it can’t please everyone.

I myself use Connect regularly and find it a pleasure to experience the family atmosphere and the pleasant attitudes of each and every driver.

I think you are out of order, G.F., telling everyone to use Premiere Travel buses. Should those buses cease trading, who would you use again? Trent Barton Connect!

I think you are out of order to say Trent is trying to run Premiere off the road. In the world we live in, G.F., there is competition in everything.

Trent Barton is the competition so, people of Hucknall, go Connect!

People power brought the Blue buses back, so let’s use them, not lose them.



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