Day-centre care change is a disaster waiting to happen

IN AUGUST, I sent a petition and a letter to the Prime Minister, stating our concerns regarding the future of our services at the Hucknall Hope Lea Project, which supports adults with learning disabilities and their carers.

The petition and letter also raised concerns about the threatened closure of the Notts County Council day centre at Spring Street, Hucknall.

I would sincerely like to thank all the people in the local community who signed the petition and also the local Labour councillors who took the time to support us by collecting most of the signatures.

I received a letter from the government’s Department For Communites, acknowledging my letter and petition and telling me to submit them to Notts County Council for consideration.

Its letter said: “Local authorities do not need to make disproportionate cuts to services for the vulnerable or to voluntary and community-sector organisations.”

It also said the government has urged councils to protect frontline services by sharing services and cutting wasteful expenditure.

This means what the authorities call a multi-purpose service by closing some day services and putting the elderly and adults with learning disabilities all into the same day centre.

The carers are now waiting for the backlash from this action as we feel that mixing multi-purpose services is a disaster waiting to happen.

Needless to say, I submitted everything to Coun Kay Cutts (Con), leader of Notts County Council, on October 4. I have had no response at all.


Managing Director,

Hucknall Hope Lea

Project Ltd,