Democracy is not working

I AGREE with a lot of Murray Day’s Letter to the Dispatch of September 2 (‘We Need REAL Democracy And Politicians Who Are Accountable’).

He makes a valid point with regard to democracy. The definition of the word in my dictionary states: ‘Power of the people...government by the people...the people as a body....’.

That all speaks for itself really. But just to elaborate on it, this is what I’ve witnessed for the past 30 years.

A succession of governments and Prime Ministers (greatly influenced by the big corporate businesses, banks, certain media organisations etc) whose policies and doctrines have increasingly benefitted the more affluent, at the expense of the poorer people.

It’s a fact that, during this time, the incomes of the top 10% have increased approximately four times as much as the lower paid. Not exactly how democracy is supposed to work, is it?

It’s government by the elite for the elite, NOT by the people.

We have two electable political parties and once either one is elected, it reverts to a mild form of dictatorship (as opposed to democracy).

There is far too much power given to or taken by our Prime Ministers and their small group of advisers. And this has been a growing trend during the last 30 years. Perhaps it’s the American influence, as is often the case in our country. Nearly always a bad influence, in my opinion.

As Murray Day says, “When that time comes, of a real democracy, then some of us could seek election”.

The poorest people having an equal representation in Parliament would be a minimum required to be able to call this country a “democracy”. And you never know, perhaps most of the spin, deceit and greed would be replaced by truth and sharing. Or at least some of it.


George Street, Hucknall.