Devastating for owners of haircut pet

I WAS shocked to read the recent Dispatch article, entitled ‘Bone Of Contention Over Dog Haircut’.

I had exactly the same issue about a year ago with Ann’s Dog Parlour, of Hucknall. Our West Highland Terrier came back looking much like Bobby does now, with her hair shaved right back to the skin.

I was given exactly the same excuse as Bobby’s owner, Amy Short. This was fair enough but surely a phone call first to let the pet owner know of their grooming-intentions would be common decency.

What Ann Taylor needs to realise is that pets are frequently seen as members of the family and it can be devastating for owners to see their dog coming back looking worse than when they went in, and then having to pay for the privilege!

I’ve got a feeling that Ann likes to punish pet owners for letting their dog’s hair get a little too long and then throws the RSPCA card so owners feel there is no comeback. I personally just chose never to use Ann’s Dog Parlour again, but I fully back Amy’s complaint.



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