Dilapidated shop forcing young mums and disabled into the road

EYESORE ' the boarded-up building on Baker Street in Hucknall
EYESORE ' the boarded-up building on Baker Street in Hucknall

IT IS with some interest and a certain amount of dismay that I am writing about pedestrians, including young mums and disabled people, being forced into the road because of proposed work on the former Motor World shop on Baker Street, Hucknall.

I would like to know why it is taking so long for the firm dealing with it to commence working on the project.

For a very long time now, barriers have been placed on the pavement, preventing the public from passing.

Notices inform us that we have to use the other pathway. Which pathway? Does this mean one has to cross the road to go about one’s business?

Baker Street is a very busy area in Hucknall and takes a lot of traffic. Very dangerous indeed.

There is no mention whatsoever of an apology for any invonvenience. Neither is there any information about when the proposed work is going to begin. We are just informed what we have to do. It’s just not good enough.

Talk about totalitarianism. To me, it spells out nothing but chutzpah. I really do feel that some members of the public have had enough.

Several times now, the grids have been pushed back so that people can pass but it’s not long before they are put back in position again. Indeed, this is nothing but nemesis.

The public can be capricious and will only take so much. It’s not fair to the young mothers pushing prams and pushchairs, also people with mobility scooters.

These have to be pushed on to the road or pass the barriers. I wonder if compensation would be paid out by the people who erect these things if an accident should occur on the road.

I myself have heard people moaning about this particular problem. They are absolutely fed up with it.

Come on, you people who are dealing with whatever it is you are going to do. Please commence the work as soon as possible, and oblige. Most people pay their dues and demands, especially various taxes, and would like some consideration.


Palmer Avenue,