Disgusting treatment of ‘Big Issue’ lady

I’M writing to express my disappointment and disgust at the way the ‘Big Issue’-selling lady on Central Walk, Hucknall has been treated by the new manager of the nearby Wilkinson store.

The new manager has told her she is forbidden to sell the ‘Big Issue’ outside Wilko’s because she doesn’t have permission from the company to sell there.

However she has been selling there for the last two or three years without any complaints from previous management or the general public.

She is friendly and always polite, despite sitting out in all weathers, trying to earn a living.

She is very well-liked by her customers, by the various shop-workers who also work in the precinct and by the staff at the T8’s bar and cafe. She is NOT a beggar and does not deserve to be treated like this. She is part of our community.

I think the new manager is extremely small-minded and a bit of a coward to pick on her instead of tackling the problem of youths hanging around the precinct.

I now believe B&M Bargains have stated she will be allowed to sell near their store. But she will lose a lot of custom because of this.



(Address supplied).