Doctors’ surgeries and schools would become overloaded

IN REPLY to the comments of Coun Mick Murphy (Con) in last week’s Dispatch regarding the proposal by Gedling Borough Council to allow houses to be built at Top Wighay Farm (‘Summit To Thrash Out Plans To Build Thousands Of Homes’).

I would like to assure him that residents in the west of Hucknall are well aware of the problems this will cause for them and it has been raised at the meetings of the Reach Out Residents group, which serves west Hucknall.

I will, as chairman of Reach Out, be attending the meeting on Monday March 5 on behalf of the Hucknall West residents as I hope will all the ward’s Ashfield district and county councillors.

Holgate Comprehensive School is within Hucknall West, as is Hillside Primary School.

We know schools are at capacity and cannot take the number of pupils that the new housing would generate.

We have no health centre in the Hucknall West ward and envisage with all the new residents proposed that our surgeries will be overloaded and appointments will be even more difficult to obtain.

Finally, it is already hard to get out of or return to Hucknall in rush hour as most roads become gridlocked at these times and we are told the tram is at capacity.

I often smile at the Dispatch JobsToday feature with times to get to Mansfield and Nottingham. I feel these were for journeys at times other than rush hour and before applying for a job one needs to look realistically at what time you would need to start out.

Those of us in Hucknall West, just like those elsewhere in Hucknall, need to be able to travel to work. With the new housing bringing so many more cars on to our roads, this may become impossible.



Chair of Reach Out Residents.