Dog mess has been a problem since the beginning of time

THERE has been a great deal of discussion in previous weeks on the ‘Your Opinions’ page about a subject that has been a problem since the beginning of time.

At the beginning, the problem was small because of the small numbers of species and population on the planet. As species became extinct and were replaced by others, which continued to multiply, the problem grew.

By the 19th century, it had reached a critical stage and was overcome by man’s inventiveness. Now, in the 21st century, it continues to be a problem.

Some blame it for being one of the many causes of climate change. Farmers put the excess to good use by spreading it on the land as fertiliser. Humans continue to develop a system of sewers and treatment works to contain the problem.

Now the nation is home to millions of dogs who delight in creating steaming piles of poo and then turning around to ensure it has the correct smell. They then leave the scene with heads held high and tails in the air.

We come across such delights as we wander the street and parks. What to do?

Do we follow the farmers’ example by spreading it about with our feet or would better policing of the owners be the answer?

In a country that is broke, better policing is unlikely, so as Gummy and Tracey, with her size fours, from the social club would say, step forward with your best foot!


Washdyke Lane,