Dog mess is a pain, but it is time to make a stand against cat poo

DOG fouling in public areas is an offence, and is rightly treated seriously by local councils.

But it is about time someone made a stand against cat fouling, which takes place daily in private gardens alongside or close to where domestic cats live.

Some homes even boast several cats, which can double, treble or more the number of dollops of poo which are either deposited on gravelled garden areas or in the soil of neighbouring gardens.

Since two cats moved in close to my home, the number of dollops of this disgusting stuff has escalated at an alarming rate. I can now only dig or weed the garden with rubber gloves otherwise my fingers will close around a mound of smelly poo, and I dare not walk on the gravel because the poo appears to be the same colour as the stones!

If all you cat owners trained your animals to defecate in your own backyard, or better still, in a litter tray, then your neighbours could enjoy their gardens without fear of treading in or handling cat poo, and they would love your cats as much as you do.



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