Don’t pick on defenceless animals

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IN RESPONSE to the person complaining about cat poo. Well done for wearing rubber gloves.

Any person with commonsense should wear gardening gloves when attempting any kind of work in the garden. Don’t they realise that lurking in the soil are all kinds of different germs, not only from cat poo.

How ridiculous to suggest that owners of cats should train their pets only to poo on their own gardens.

Cats aren’t like dogs. You train them to use cat-litter trays indoors, but once outdoors obviously they don’t know which soil and gravel belongs to the garden at their home.

You can’t keep cats indoors all the time and neither can an owner follow them all the time when they are out, unless you can climb fences or trees.

Cats will do what is natural to them. Maybe people should display signs in their gardens stating that cats, birds, mice or any other small creature will be prosecuted if caught pooing.

People should examine their own faults instead of picking on defenceless animals.

We are only on this earth once. Enjoy life while you can and stop moaning. You are dead for a lifetime.



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