Don’t take lifeline scooters away from the disabled

THIS Letter is in response to a news article on the television regarding a youngster who was in collision with a mobility scooter as he made his way to a taxi for school.

I don’t intend to jump to the defence of the scooter-rider. He or she should have the respect that the pavements are for pedestrian access.

Any scooter that legitimately shares the pavement should be using the 4mph option which, with due care and diligence, no-one should be harmed.

But with regard to the report, no mobility scooter, to my knowledge, will do 20mph and if they are obtained through the Motorbility scheme, they will be taxed and insured. Anyone who gets a scooter is assessed as to whether a dual-speed option or a single-speed option is suitable for them.

As to whether tests similar to driving tests should be taken is something that is subject for sensible debate. This mode of transport is proving invaluable to a lot of people and many would be housebound without it.

Surveys have been carried out and it was found that such tests would be costly and impractical. One reason being that it would have to have a system of appeal because of the initiative’s very nature. And yes, you’ve guessed it, by the contents of this Letter I am a scooter user and my experience is that if everyone exercised care, although its a little tight, there is room for us all.

I have certainly found that in my short experience, there is a reluctance by some to share the facilities made available for us all to use. So, if we were to have knee-jerk legislation, we could be taking the independence away from a majority because of the recklessness of a few.


Kenbrook Road, Hucknall.