Drunken disabled girl lost dignity — thanks to friends

WITHOUT embarking on a media slagging-match, I feel compelled to correct some missing facts from the Letter, submitted by Disabled And Barred (‘The Night My Friend Got Drunk And Was Barred’) to the Dispatch.

Firstly, the ‘manager’ referred to was, in fact, myself, the owner of The Empire.

The reason for asking the said girls to leave was that the lady in the wheelchair was drunk, as was stated, and was also covered in her own vomit, which was not stated.

I also expressed my disgust that the friends had a duty of care to someone in such a tender position.

The fact that this lady had not purchased any drinks herself would seem she was reliant on her friends/carers, who clearly had plied her with enough alcohol to make her sick.

To see a poor girl lose her dignity in such a way was upsetting.

Fortunately, it appears that the said girl was OK the following morning, thank God! But the question ‘what if?’ sounds in my mind.

Disabled And Barred, please don’t play the disabled card with me because I have one of the most disabled-supporting hearts there is, and I regularly host different charity and disabled groups.

Able-bodied or not, I have a duty of care that anyone showing the signs of being drunk will be asked to leave.

I ask the question: is this normal behaviour for a good night out?



Richard Darrington,

The Empire,

Beardall Street,