Empire has the right to bar who it wants

IN RESPONSE to the Letter in the Dispatch from Disabled And Barred (‘The Night My Disabled Friend Got Drunk And Was Barred’).

As an assistant to a disabled person, you should have viewed The Empire first to check it for easy access.

The manager, Richard Darrington, has the right to bar anyone without question.

I have used these premises for the last 60 years, going back to Rose and Jack Darrington, Richard’s grandparents.

I spoke to Richard regarding this issue. He informed me that the young woman was drunk and had vomited down the front of her clothes.

Richard does have experience with disabled customers because, from time to time, he entertains the Hope Lea Project.

I must also point out that people with medical needs and on tablets are restricted to the amount of alcohol they drink. And carers should assist with this.



(Address supplied).