Faces of dismay and horror over misfiring Remembrance Sunday address system

A WONDERFUL turnout by the people of Hucknall, a splendid parade, a fine band. Somebody will be able to guess better than I how many turned out on Sunday in Titchfield Park for the annual Remembrance Day service, but indeed hundreds.

I look forward to this event when we all get the opportunity to publicly share our gratitude to all those who gave their lives in those terrible wars across the years.

What a shame it was that for many of us once again we could not hear what the minister had to say. We could not hear the tributes, we could not hear the names of those organisations laying wreaths at the cenotaph, we could not hear clearly the 102 names read out, we did not hear most of what the minister had to say.

We did however hear the radio of the fire engine and the football players on the park, well above that of the service.

I looked around and as the public address system failed again and again and I saw many faces of disgust and indeed horror, followed by a few people actually leaving the event. Year after year we go on with a poor and failing address system.

Why oh why can we not get someone on board for this event who knows what to do, who has the right equipment and can do justice to the day. We must find a way to solve this problem.

I thought 2011 was a little better, but we MUST do much better in order to pay our most sincere respects to the fallen heroes who gave so much that we might live in peace.

Some people tell me they have been attending this event for several decades and can recall poor quality P.A. throughout many, if not all of those years.

Should the people of Hucknall hold a fundraising event to purchase or hire a very suitable and professional public address system so that all of us attending this great event can hear what is being said?

I also feel that the brass band who gives such lovely music to this event need to be amplified a little or perhaps, to get the sound across the ‘auditorium’ as it were, be put on a stage of some kind.

The minister thanked everyone for coming, stressing the importance of being there over the lack of a quality P.A.

Let something major happen for next year and let us really do justice to our fallen heroes. Come on organisers, get in touch with other organisations, including the council. Someone out there must have better equipment and be willing to help.

I wonder if Rolls-Royce has such a system to help or, what about BBC Radio Nottingham?