Farm memories.....

A RECENT column by former Dispatch chief reporter Denis Robinson brought back such happy memories. I am the youngest daughter of the farmer he referred to.

I remember Denis in his trench coat and dark curly hair striding up the lane to the tennis pavilion at weekends, all the players in their crisp white outfits. It was quite a gathering.

I think the name was Tomlinson who ran the club. Someone always came to the farm for fresh milk and all play would stop for tea.

Mum and I would sneak onto the court and ‘play tennis’ during the summer evenings. It was very sad when we had to leave the farm, due to redevelopment for Top Valley and Heronridge.

Having moved away from the area many years ago, my son and his family have recently settled in Linby. So now I can reminisce even more — attending Springfield School, going with my dad to Bayles and Wylie in Bestwood Village for animal food. Such happy memories.


Formerly of Forest Farm,

Hucknall Road.