Fed-up with saturation coverage of Olympic torch

I WONDER if any of Dispatch readers are as fed-up as me of the news saturation on TV covering the Olympic flame’s journey from Greece to the UK.

It seems to have been on the TV at every spare moment for the past week.

Can someone tell me why it takes a cavalcade of limousines, multiple dignitaries and a princess to escort the thing to the airport at Athens?

Princess Anne then managed to smuggle on board the aircraft FOUR pieces of hand-luggage.

Once on board — lo and behold — the four miners’ lamps were upgraded to business class and strapped in their own comfy seats.

You try and get just a few disposable cigarette-lighters and a large tube of toothpaste on an aircraft and you would be arrested by the anti-terrorist squad. Headline next day: BOMB PLOT FOILED.

Returning to the UK (via Flight 2012, a British Airways Airbus 319 named Firefly on a painted golden-liveried fuselage), the ‘No Smoking’ lights were no doubt disabled for the entire journey.

Once the plane had landed, the flame was then escorted to the officers’ mess where it was given its own room, with appropriate signage on the door, for the overnight stay before its journey to Land’s End in Cornwall.

Have we all gone mad?

Just one more closing thought. In 1948, we hosted a successful Olympic event with just two torches. Why do we need 8,000 of the damned things this time?

Somebody must have made a nice bob or two out of this venture. Must close. Got a headache.