Flatten the town centre and let Tesco do what it wants

I FIND myself in a cocktail bar on a Friday night which, I am sure those who know me, will realise is not quite my scene.

I am with a group of people whom I know to greater or less extent. As I wander from one sub-group to another and listen to their conversations, I find it very interesting the number of people talking about the recent Letters in the Dispatch.

In one area, Leon seems to be holding centre stage with his views on the redevelopment of Hucknall. I must admit to sharing some of his views.

He says he has read/heard that Tesco has applied for more sales outlets. Let the firm have all it wants. Build the inner bypass straight to its door (which the council will no doubt do) and then do not pedestrianise the centre of Hucknall. Just flatten it, removing all pubs and sales outlets of every kind. Then redevelop the centre as social housing, thus stopping all trouble at the weekend.

As he says, there are only three things for sure in this life. We will be ruled by fools, power corrupts, ultimate power corrupts ultimately and, sooner or later, we all will die.

I do not know your views but I would love to hear them now that Leon has re-awoken mine.


Washdyke Lane,