Food dished up to patients is excellent — I recommend salmon followed by sponge pud

I WOULD be interested to know which ward Michael Streets was on at King’s Mill Hospital, Sutton-in-Ashfield (‘My Hospital Hell’ in last week’s Dispatch).

I myself spent a considerable amount of time at the accident and emergency department, the emergency assessment unit (EAU) or on the wards in 2009-2010 (more than 20 visits), plus one visit so far this year.

I could not praise the staff, the food or the cleanliness of the wards and or side rooms enough. The staff, while being constantly busy, always checked on me, were very caring and understanding and were also happy to just have a chat with any patients that wanted it. They always took extra care when people needed it, i.e. help with eating and washing.

The cleaning staff on the wards where I was staying always did a superb job when they were able, as due to certain things happening they couldn’t always do as good a job as they would have wanted to (really unwell people and accidental spillages that they couldn’t get to due do medical reasons).

While there are generally no doctors on the wards at night, there are on the EAU so I am surprised Mr Streets wasn’t seen by one of them.

But the EAU is generally really busy. In fact, I would say they could do with more staff due to the workload. But it’s still a really good unit.

As for the food, I have tried the whole menu several times over and have really enjoyed all of the options. The food was always hot and very nice.

Granted, some of the options are a little on the small side portion wise, but that’s only because people eat differing amounts so when they get a balanced meal it does look kind of small.

But I could never fault the food. I thought it was excellent quality. I would recommend the salmon main course and the syrup sponge pudding. I really couldn’t fault the food while I was a patient.



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